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What is Robots-as-a-Service (RAAS)

    RaaS operates on the same basis as SaaS (Software as a Service) and it’s about giving the customer the means to gain the benefits of RPA with minimal upfront costs

    With this approach, the customer essentially pays a monthly fee for a business outcome or output from the RPA automation, not the bot and its code.

    Typically customers pay a setup fee which far less than the overall development costs. Then they pay a monthly charge which spreads the additional development costs, and also covers the costs of maintenance to keep the RPA bot running smoothly.

    In Autane’s case, we just charge a monthly fee to cover the development costs and the cost of maintaining the RPA bot. On top of this, the bot’s run time minutes are charged to the customer on a per minute basis, and a monthly standing charge to cover the Bot’s control room. This cost can be spread over many robots though.

    As an alternative to the RAAS, the customer would commission an RPA Developer to create the RPA Bot, then pay to maintain it, as and when required. Development costs can be sizeable, and even with the attractive benefits of using an RPA bot to conduct office processes, with this approach payback can take several months or even over a year to achieve. Also there is the added hassle of finding a developer when the bot needs maintenance.

    With RAAS, the benefits of automation can be seen in a matter of weeks. For an estimate of the RAAS costs for your RPA project, go to our pricing page and use the online calculator.