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Copy and Paste

Exploring the Best Use Cases for Integrating ChatGPT with RPA

    By combining the power of ChatGPT’s natural language understanding with RPA’s automation capabilities, organisations can achieve new heights of efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. In this blog post, we will delve into the best use cases for integrating ChatGPT with RPA

    Copy and Paste – Demo

      Video demonstrates the RPA Category of Copy and Paste. Copy and Paste type processes are common in offices and are generally about bridging the gaps, to manually getting data from one bit of software, or document into another bit of software.

      RPA v Human – Accounts Payable

        How fast is RPA compared to a Human doing the same task. Watch this video which shows an RPA Bot and a Human going head-to-head while conducting Accounts Payable.

        RPA in a Property Management Agency

          Read our case study on how RPA was used in a Property Management company to automate a double entry system to recovery tenant fees and invoice landlords.

          RPA in a Garage

            RPA was used by a Garage to automate the process of adding car parts to a customer’s invoice and improving the productivity of Garage staff.

            RPA in an Accounts Department

              A Financial Services company was struggling to retain Graduate Entrants because of the daily monotony of Accounts Payable. It became clear that this mundane but important accounting activity was a good candidate for automation.