Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Service Request Triage – Demo

Video demonstrates the RPA Category of Service Request Triage. Service Request Triage is used to describe a type of RPA for automating office processes that generally involve firstly, the process of classifying what the request is, or diagnosing the issue, and secondly actioning that request with a next action.

Intelligent Document Processing – Demo

Video demonstrates the RPA Category of Intelligent Document Processing. Intelligent Document Processing is all about extracting key bits or snippets of information from documents. These office processes are similar to copy and paste type RPA automations, but the difference being that we are dealing with unstructured text rather than set field label and value pairs.

Robot Process Automation (RPA) – What is it?

Have you ever had a IT technician remotely take control of your computer to sort an issue? The mouse starts to move itself, RPA is like that, but this time it’s a Robot who’s controlling the mouse.