RPA in a Property Management Agency


A busy Property Management Agency were struggling with a double entry system involving charging tenants and landlords for services rendered. Moreover, the agency were struggling to hold onto staff to carry out this laborious task. The owner decided to explore RPA and automate the process.

Process Overview:

The human process included:

  • Making a written note of the tenant and reference number, together with service charge type and cost
  • Logging into an industry specific software application
  • Searching for a property by reference number
  • Navigating to the landlord screen and creating landlord invoices
  • Navigating to the tenant screen and creating a service charge
  • Repeat for other tenant service charges

Automation Challenges

Finding stable button and field locators in software application DOM (Document Object Model).

Process Flow Map

RPA Bot Steps

Triggered manually from Desktop

  • Connect to Google Sheets via API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Log into software application
  • Search for tenant
  • Navigate to invoice screen
  • Generate new landlord invoice with tenant reference included
  • Navigate to tenant service charge screen
  • Enter service charge and bill tenant
  • Update Google Sheets with processed transaction  

Process as % of Employees Time


Estimated RAAS Payback

2.9 Months

Other Benefits

Redeployment of staff to marketing and sales activities, and tenant management.