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  • RPA in a Garage

    RPA in a Garage

    RPA was used by a Garage to automate the process of adding car parts to a customer’s invoice and improving the productivity of Garage staff.

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Watch demos of RPA in action

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Copy and Paste

Service Request Triage

Intelligent Document Processing

RPA with Garage Management Software

Sign up to watch a demo of RPA being used with Garage Management Software in order to add Euro Car Parts to customer Job Sheets, saving valuable time and freeing up staff to do other things.

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Our Company

RPA has been used by large corporations for several years, and
many have their own inhouse team of developers. However for smaller companies with smaller budgets and little inhouse expertise, it can be hard to begin to implement RPA even though they can benefit as much from it as the larger ones.

We set out to provide RPA to these smaller companies, in all industries, by offering RPA as a paid service, rather like employing a person but this time a robot. This model suits smaller companies with low set up costs and potentially immediate benefits, while also making automation of processes which are not full-time human roles cost effective too.


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