RPA for a Legal Team



Due the nature of their work, an In-House Legal team for a large multi-national company, received and needed to process court letters to capture court and submission dates, and then communicate them to a list of relevant staff via email.

This mundane activity was being conducted by a busy paralegal, who was struggling to keep up with the volume of letters.

Process Overview:

The manual process included

  • Scanning Document on printer (and a pdf copy sent to Paralegal via email)
  • Upload document to Document management system
  • Paralegal reviews document, and adds relevant dates to calendar, for the following types of litigation:
    • Hearing dates
    • Questionnaire due dates
    • Bundle share dates
    • Final hearing dates
  • Send Outlook invites to set list of relevant staff, so they are informed of the deadlines
  • Add details to the Litigation list on Excel: by Case, item, due date etc

Automation Challenges

The main challenge with this automation was reading unstructured text to extract keywords/dates.

The capability was proven by using a Python NLP library called SpaCy.

Systems Involved

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • SpaCy (NLP)

Process Flow Map

RPA Bot Steps

Triggered automatically twice a day:

  • Connect to Email server
  • Search email and extract attachments with subject line courtDates
  • Determine type of court document
  • Extract Deadline dates, Case Number, and Case Title
  • Create directory named with Case Title
  • Save PDF to DMS with syntax (letterDate, courtDoc Type, Case#)
  • Create Outlook invite for each date and Send to stakeholder Group
  • Add case details to Excel Litigation List
  • Move email to ‘actioned’ folder   

Process as % of Employees Time


Estimated Payback (RAAS)

5.6 Months

Other Benefits

Redeployment of Paralegal onto more challenging legal work, currently being conducted by external legal firm.