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Affordable Pricing & Flexible Service Plans

With monthly payments you can get the Bots right away, but pay for their development as you go, allowing them to pay for themselves.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We know trying a new technology can be scary. That’s why we offer a 30-day Money-back Guarantee. 30-days after development, if you’re not happy with the Bot’s performance, we’ll refund every penny!



Simple Automations

Across 1 -3 Systems

Cloud or Desktop Automation

Maintenance & Unlimited updates*

Free support for 24 months



Everything in Basic +

Longer processes

Across 4+ systems

API integrations

Minor Upgrades



Everything in Standard+

Complex Processes

Optical Character Recognition

Artificial Intelligence

Premium support

All Packages Based on :

Robust automations – Built & Tested

24-Month Payment Plan

30-day Money-back Guarantee

Access to own Control Room** at £375.00 / month

Bots runtime at £0.06 / minute

All Prices exclude VAT

* Updates against original specification.

** The Control Room is used across multiple Bots

Robot – Monthly Cost Calculator

Based on the above pricing, estimate the cost of an RPA Robot compared to a Human:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you charge for a monthly plan?

An RPA robot is actually software designed to automatically conduct the work a human might conduct.

Traditionally companies pay software developers upfront for building the Robot’s software. In addition, these software robots might need maintanence and software updates when the computer applications the robot interacts with change.

At Autane, we add the development and maintanence costs together, and divide it up into payments over 24 months. In a way, it’s like a finance package.

With this approach, customers don’t have to pay the upfront costs of development, which can be expensive, and in doing so get the benefits almost immediately.

What are your payment terms?

Our normal payment terms are 14 days on invoice.

What are my options after 24 months

At the end of 24 months your company can migrate the Bot to another server or we’ll be happy to continue to maintain it for 50% of it’s original monthly plan fee.

How do we revert back to our manual process?

In order to implement an RPA robot, we need to record and outline the current process. For some companies, this has never been done before. This record, which is called the Process Development Document (PDD), is used to develop the RPA robot. However, it could also be used to revert back to the manual process if needed.

Does my company need technical skills to introduce RPA?

No. One of the benefits of our approach is that you don’t need to hire internal experts to deliver an RPA project. The customer’s involvement in the project only extends to ensuring that we are given an adequate record of the human process, and confirming that the finished RPA robot meets the initial specifications.

How long does it take to get the Bot up and running?

We normally deliver a working, production-ready RPA Bot, in 4 weeks or less, however sometimes it can take longer dependent on developer capacity and the complexity of the project. If the working Bot is delivered after 30 days, we extend the 30-day guarantee to that point. In other words, in the first 30 days after going live, if the Robot doesn’t perform the manual process as agreed in the specification, the customer can get all their money back.

When do you start billing my company?

Once the Robot’s specification and costs have been agreed, and the customer is signed up, we begin billing. Every month, we then bill you the monthly plan charge, the RPA robot’s run time minutes and the Control Room charge (which is spread over all the customer’s robots).

How much is RPA likely to save us?

RPA can save up to 75% of the process costs. The amount of savings does depend on how much the employee doing that job is currently paid, and how much of an employee’s time is taken up with the manual process, as well as the speed of the RPA robot.

To get an estimate on how much you’re likely to save on process costs use our Robot Monthly Cost Calculator above.

About Us

We provide Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to in all industries across the UK.

Our customers need no technical expertise, and Flexible payment plans mean the benefits of automation are almost immediate, ensuring companies of all sizes can affordably implement the technology.

In a way, it’s rather like employing a person but this time a robot.