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Frequently Asked Questions

What is RAAS?

RAAS (Robotics-As-A-Service) operates on the same basis as SAAS (Software as a Service). With this approach, the customer essentially pays a monthly fee for a business outcome and output from the RPA automation, not the RPA robot program itself. Without RAAS, the customer might have to pay sizeable upfront development costs, and then the costs of maintaining the RPA robot. With RAAS, the customer only pays a relatively small setup fee, and with RPA savings still very attractive, payback can be a matter of weeks.

What am I getting for Setup fees, Service charges and Robot run costs?

We charge a setup fee of £1,000 for new automations. This covers some of the initial RPA robot developement costs. We then charge a monthly fee of £450 to spread the rest of the development costs, and the costs of maintaining the RPA Robot.

On top of this, the Robot run time minutes are charged to the customer on a per minute basis. These runtime costs include the cost of hosting and processing the automation on a server. On top of this, we charge a houly surcharge if it’s necessary to integrate AI into the workflow. This surcharge depends on the type of AI hence it’s hard to be specific, however for budgetting purposes we’ve added an estimate of £2.05 per hour to the pricing tool above.

What are your payment terms?

Our normal payment terms are 14 days on invoice. We think this is fair, considering a human employee would be paid on a simliar basis.

How do I cancel?

Just notify us via email and we will cancel the service after 30 calender days, charging any monthly fees and robot runtime costs on a prorata basis during that period.

If I cancel, how do we go back to our manual process?

In order to implement an RPA robot, we need to record and outline the current process. For some companies, this has never been done befoe. This record, which is called the Process Development Document (PDD), is used to develop the RPA robot. However, it could also be used to revert back to the manual process if needed.

Does my company need technical skills to introduce RPA?

No. One of the benefits of RAAS is that the customer does not need to hire internal expertise to deliver an RPA project. Their involvement in the project only extends to ensuring that we are given an adequate record of the human process, and confirming that the finished RPA robot meets the initial specifications.

When do you start billing my company?

We bill the customer for the £1,000 setup fee once the User Acceptance Tests (UAT) have been finished and signed off. This proves the RPA robot can do the job and is ready to be put into service. Every month, we then bill the customer the monthly service charge, and the RPA robot’s run time minutes.

How long does it take to get the Bot up and running?

We normally deliver a working, production-ready RPA Bot, in 4 to 6 weeks. However, if we have Developer capacity, we can delivery projects sooner if necessary.

How much is RPA likely to save us?

With RAAS, RPA can save up to 75% of the human process costs. The amount of savings does depend on how much the human employee is currently paid, and how much of an employees time is taken up with the manual process, as well as the speed of the RPA robot.

Although automation of full-time manual processes offer the greatest savings, even processes that account for only 25% of a human employee’s time, can still be automated cost effectively.

To the answer this question specifically, feed in your current human process costs and details into our RPA Cost and Payback Estimator tool above.

What are the risks?

The risks are minimal, since clients are not billed for the automation until they are satisfied that it works. If the RPA Bot hasn’t proved it can do the job, the customer pays nothing.

Also we understand that during the development process, the client might be sharing confidential information with us. We assure confidentiality and never share information with anyone other than our Development team. Login details are also stored securely in a vault.


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