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RPA in an Accounts Department

    A Financial Services company was struggling to retain Graduate Entrants because of the daily monotony of Accounts Payable. It became clear that this mundane but important accounting activity was a good candidate for automation.

    RPA success factors

      There are several factors which will contribute to the successfully introduction of an RPA Bot, from ensuring buy-in from Staff to ensuring there is an expectation the Bot will need Maintenance, these factors play an important role.

      RPA Implementation Process

        There are a few tried and tested steps to get your first RPA process up and running. Starting with Gathering Process details

        Identifying processes for RPA

          The question ‘what makes an office process an ideal candidate for RPA’ is a question which gets asked a lot by potential customers. And it is one which takes a combination of gut feel and rational assessment to answer as you will see.

          What is Robots-as-a-Service (RAAS)

            With RAAS, the customer essentially pays a monthly fee for a business outcome or output from the RPA automation, with minimal upfront cost.

            The Benefits of Using RPA in Your Business

              For some companies, the pain points is so strong that adopting RPA becomes a no-brainer. For others however, there might need to be clear business case for implementing the technology before starting the project.

              How much does an RPA Automation cost?

                For companies embarking on introducing RPA to their organisation and doing everything inhouse, these are the cost factors to consider for developing and running their own RPA automations:

                What problems can RPA help solve in your office?

                  Particularly in small to medium companies who have not used RPA below, there generally needs to be some sort of ‘trigger’ event, or overarching problem that has got to a point where it needs fixed before RPA is considered.