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Intelligent Document Processing – Demo

    Video demonstrates the RPA Category of Intelligent Document Processing.

    Intelligent Document Processing is all about extracting key bits or snippets of information from documents. These office processes are similar to Copy-and-Paste type RPA automations, but the difference being that they are dealing with unstructured text, rather than set field label and value pairs. In other words, the office worker is presented with a document and must extract the relevant details from it, regardless of the way it’s written.

    For this video, we demonstrate an RPA robot extracting court dates from legal letters. We want the robot to find future deadline dates in the letter, and what those deadlines are. For example, a hearing date, or date when a set of files should be submitted to the court. And then, we want the RPA robot to inform key stakeholders of those dates and deadlines, via an email calendar invite i.e. the next action.

    This demo is divided into two parts. The first part demonstrates the actual RPA robot, automating the process of extracting key dates, and deadlines from a legal letter from the courts. The second part, gives more detail behind the automation, using a flowchart to describe the steps the RPA robot executed. Lastly, we’ll give a summary of the key points.

    To process unstructured text, the RPA robot can use something called Neuro Linguistic Processing, or NLP. This is an AI technology which when integrated with RPA provides the capability to interpret natural language. It does this by reducing sentences to their base meaning, or stems as they are known, and allows a sentence to be packaged up into nouns, verbs, places and objects. This helps the RPA robot interpret the unstructured text and find key information within the text.

    Examples of the office processes which could be automated using similar techniques, and Intelligent Document Processing include:

    • Contract management
    • Claims processing
    • Legal documents