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Identifying processes for RPA

    The question ‘what makes an office process an ideal candidate for RPA’ is a question which gets asked a lot by potential customers. And it is one which takes a combination of gut feel and rational assessment to answer as you will see.

    What is Robots-as-a-Service (RAAS)

      With RAAS, the customer essentially pays a monthly fee for a business outcome or output from the RPA automation, with minimal upfront cost.

      What problems can RPA help solve in your office?

        Particularly in small to medium companies who have not used RPA below, there generally needs to be some sort of ‘trigger’ event, or overarching problem that has got to a point where it needs fixed before RPA is considered.

        What Are the Different Types of RPA Bots?

          Within RPA it is normal to describe a Bot as Attended or Unattended. In simple terms, this basically describes the difference between Bots which are started manually and part of a process which includes a human, hence the term ‘Attended’.