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The world’s largest organisations have been successfully using RPA technology for many years to help them work more efficiently and cut back on unnecessary process costs.

We set out to provide RPA to all companies. Smaller companies who are also looking to boost productivity, efficiency, and make some savings often find it more of a challenge due to not having the same budget or in-house expertise to run this technology as a larger organisation would.

From our extensive experience in this area, we know just how much RPA technology can benefit all companies, regardless of size or budget.

It became our mission to make RPA technology accessible to all.

By offering a flexible monthly payment option without being tied to a contract, and with low set up costs, our service helps smaller companies become more productive and reducing costs by automating many of the mundane and repetitive tasks carried about by employees.


From Industry to Robotics in the office

Our founder, Chris Foreman, has a background in Manufacturing Management. Having seen the possibilities for Robotics on the shopfloor, he was saw the possibilties available and the opportunities to boost office productivity levels. He retrained as a Python developer and RPA programmer, and now oversees development of the Bots himself.

“RPA is not about making people redundant. It’s about liberating employees from aspects of their jobs that are mundane. It gives them the time to focus on more interesting work for them, and more valuable work for the company.”

Chris Foreman
Founder, Autane
OUR Process

RPA Implementation

Our process for implementing your RBA technology is simple and requires no technical expertise on your side, it’s continuously tested to ensure it’s robust and working at its very best for you. Here’s a look at what happens when we work together:

1. Discovery

We will have an initial discovery call to understand more about your processes and what could benefit from being automated.

From there, we work closely with you to monitor and map out your existing steps in each process.

2. Development

Using the information gathered, we will mutually agree upon a project plan and specifications.

Development of the RPA Bot commences, and automation capability is run on non-live data to show how it will work in real time.

3. Implementation

Final programming takes place to make the process as robust as possible.

After final testing, the bot goes into production with live data, while we continue to monitor to ensure nothing has been missed.

4. Maintain

In an IT environment where change often happens quickly, RPA requires maintenance to ensure smooth operation.

Bots are continually monitored, and if applicable, workflow adjustments and improvements are made.


Why choose us

Leading Provider of Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS)

No matter how tech savvy (or not) you are, everything will be set up for you quickly and hassle-free to allow you to start seeing the benefits of our RPA technology immediately.

Flexible, Risk-free Pricing

With no contract, and just 30 days notice, the onus is on our Bots to perform.Our pricing is completely flexible and easy to manage. With no contracts and the option to cancel your plan on a monthly basis if our bots aren’t performing as you need, there’s no risk to you.

Serving the Whole of the UK

No matter where you are in the country, our RPA technology will be able to reach you.

Safety First

Ensuring that your confidential documents, data, and information stays secure is our top priority.

No Industry Left Behind

No matter what industry you’re in, our RPA technology can help you save time and money through automation.

Ongoing Maintenance

We strive to ensure Our RPA bots are continuously maintained and updated to ensure they’re performing at their very best for you.

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