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The world’s largest organisations have been successfully using RPA technology for many years to help them work more efficiently and cut back on unnecessary process costs.

We set out to provide RPA to all companies. Smaller companies who are also looking to boost productivity, efficiency, and make some savings often find it more of a challenge due to not having the same budget or in-house expertise to run this technology as a larger organisation would.

By offering a flexible monthly payment option without being tied to a contract, and with low set up costs, our service helps smaller companies automate many of the mundane and repetitive tasks carried about by employees.


How we like to work

We understand that even if the business case stacks up, clients are essentially outsourcing work to a partner, and it’s important for our clients to feel comfortable with the technology, and also us.

Accordingly our values include the following:


As a new technology for some our clients, we like to move forward at a pace which is comfortable to them.


From open book pricing, to easy access to your Bots, we feel it’s important to be transparent in our actions.


We don’t just want to provide knowledgable staff to our clients, we also want to truly understand their processes.

OUR Process

Bot Implementation

Our process for implementing your RPA technology is simple and requires no technical expertise on your side, it’s continuously tested to ensure it’s robust and working at its very best for you. Here’s a look at what happens when we work together:


We will have an initial discovery call to understand more about your processes and how they benefit from automation.


We arrange to record a Teams or Zoom call where the client’s expert demonstrates how the process is conducted manually.


Once Programming is completed, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) takes place to ensure the Bot is working correctly.


Bots are closely monitored for any unforeseen changes, and if applicable, workflow improvements are made.

Creating Bots with these technologies


Why choose us

Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS)

With hassle-free setup, see the benefits of our Digital Automation immediately.

Flexible, Risk-free Pricing

With no contract and just 30 days notice, the onus is on our Bots to perform.

Serving the Whole of the UK

No matter where you are in the country, our technology will be able to reach you.

Safety First

Ensuring that your confidential data, and information stays secure is our top priority.

All Industries

No matter what industry you’re in, Bots can help you save time and money through automation.

Ongoing Maintenance

We strive to ensure our Bots are continually performing at their very best for you.

About Us

We provide Digital Automation to UK companies, in all industries, by offering Robots as a paid service. It’s rather like employing a person but this time a robot.

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